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Subacromial Pain – Shoulder Pain

Here is a brief patient information leaflet on subacromial pain. It details the signs and symptoms and a brief explanation of what it is… Although the physios reading this I know will appreciate the complexities of this injury group. There are also some pieces of self-help advice, I hope you find it useful. As always though, this does not replace expert medical assessment and treatment.

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Lateral hip pain

Lateral hip pain is a pain in the butt……. quite literally. The pain of lateral hip pain (also known as greater trochanteric pain syndrome, gluteal tendinopathy or bursitis) is usually located on the outside of the hip over or just behind the bony lump which is called the greater trochanter. This pain can radiate down the outside of the leg but rarely moves below the knee.

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How Much Exercise Should I Be Doing? (Not Just During COVID-19)?

I write this while we enter the second week of ‘lockdown’ while COVID-19 or Coronavirus is spreading outside. Many people are stuck at home with very little to do, and it’s great to see so many taking on fitness challenges and daily workouts. It doesn’t take much searching to find the daily Joe Wicks PE lesson for the kids, the local pilates teacher doing an online class, or a bootcamp session online. You don’t even have to keep it local – you can access fitness and exercise classes from the comfort of your living room, anywhere in the world! You could just go from one exercise class to another all day, every day, and still not have time to take up the governments allowance of leaving the house once a day for exercise.

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Shin splints – stopping you in your tracks

Shin splints is a term used commonly for pain in the shin. It’s as simple as that. There are of course many different causes of shin pain though, the most common of which is termed ‘medial tibial stress syndrome’ (MTSS).
MTSS is an irritation in the periosteum (the lining of the bone) and has been suggested to be very similar to the reaction in the build up to a stress fracture. The diagnosis however, does not include that of stress fracture, but is considered a bony stress reaction. It can also encompass tendinopathy of the adjoining tendons or a dysfunction of the tibialis posterior, tibialis anterior or soleus muscles.

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