How we work together at Reflex-18 to help you overcome injury

How we work together at Reflex-18 to help you overcome injury

What makes us different here at Reflex-18 is that our team of expert clinicians work together to help you on your journey back to full fitness.

If you\’ve never visited our Reflex-18 Sports Injury Hub in Stanway, Colchester, you might not be aware of how we work to ensure your return to doing the things you love is swift and smooth.

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Our team consists of expert clinicians across a wide range of disciplines and services, from our physiotherapists to podiatrist, sports massage to osteopathy. We also use some of the latest technology, such as the RS Footscan gait analysis machine and Shockwave therapy for stubborn tendon injuries.

Together, we use our knowledge and experience to help our clients overcome their injuries, whether they want to return to sports, or be able to play with their grandchildren in the park.

The story of one of our recent clients will help explain further the benefits of coming to visit us here at Reflex-18 when you are struggling with injury or pain.


Our client\’s journey with Reflex-18

On her first appointment our client came in with Achilles\’ pain, and was assessed by a physiotherapist. The physio made the diagnosis and gave her advice, but also brought the podiatrist in to come and speak to the client and have a look at her feet as well.


By getting the podiatrist in, we had another expert opinion from him. He applied a set of insoles and made them himself for her, which she was able to use within three days.

This took her pain away, which meant she could continue to exercise in her HIIT classes and start to go back to running as well.

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So, within just three days of coming into to Reflex-18 Sports Injury Hub, she went from not being able to exercise to quickly returning to her HIIT classes once again.

At her follow-up appointment with the physiotherapist, we were able to continue to treat her and give her an appropriate exercise programme to continue to load up, as well as an appropriate running programme to start to get her back to the levels of running she needed.

A month on, she was then reviewed once more, and with the input of the podiatrist and the physiotherapist again, they were able to start to wean her off of the insoles, and give her a long-term rehab programme.


This then led to a resolution in her pain and she was able to carry on with her life and do the exercises she wanted to do, pain free.

So, that\’s what makes us different here at Reflex-18, that we genuinely do work together. There are clinicians in other rooms who we pull in to help us to give an opinion to help on your journey.

If you would like Reflex-18 to help you on your road to recover, click here to book an appointment with one of our expert clinicians or therapists and we\’ll look forward to seeing you soon.