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Whether you have sudden pain, you’ve been suffering for a long time, or you are looking for more of a prevention strategy – our Reflex-18 Osteopath can help.


Whether you have a sudden pain, have been suffering for a long time or you are looking for a pain and injury prevention strategy, our Colchester Osteopath can help.

Get treatment from an Osteopath to ease those aches and pains. With an excellent understanding of how the body works as a whole, a passion for helping people achieve their goals, and a multitude of pain-relieving techniques, our osteopath will give you a great diagnosis and treatment that will get you back on track and feeling great.

Everybody is unique, and no two injuries are the same, this means that generic treatments are rarely the most effective for your injury. Our osteopath in Colchester will consider how different areas of your body may be affecting you and your pain. As well as treating pain and specific injuries, osteopaths are fantastic at helping reduce your risk of pain, with hands-on treatment, advice and exercises. If you sit at a desk all day, you may be surprised how good you can feel after a session with our osteopath. 

Who We Treat

Young, old, sports, non sporty, people who want to keep active.



Appointment Info

You may be asked to remove layers of clothing to see the area. Please come suitably dressed to avoid this as much as possible.

What We Treat

What To Expect

When you enter the clinic you will be greeted by our friendly osteopath. They will take a full history of your condition, but ask you some questions to get to know you. What your goals are, what you enjoy and how your problem is affecting your day to day life. they will then perform a physical assessment in order to confirm diagnosis and then discuss with you an appropriate treatment plan. They will spend time making sure you understand the situation and then will provide you with the treatment you need. It may be that you would benefit from the expertise of another professional in the clinic and in that case your physio may discuss you with the other clinician, or arrange for you to see them too.


Osteopathy FAQs:

An osteopath is a regulated practitioner who uses evidence based, non-invasive therapy to find the cause of a problem rather than use pharmaceutical medicine. An osteo aims to restore normal function and stability of joints to help the body heal itself through, mobilisation of joins, soft tissue massage and stretching techniques.
An osteopath performs a range of treatments using non-invasive manual therapy, soft tissue massage, physical manipulation, assisted stretched and prescribed exercises with the aim to reduce pain and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, essentially helping a person regain their functioned needs, pain free.
One misconception of osteopathy is that we only treat the spine, however, we are highly trained to diagnose and help with a variety of muscular, joint, and medical conditions, as well as help ease the worry and anxiety which go hand in hand with injury and pain. Here are just a few of the common conditions we see day in and out of the clinic: Musculoskeletal pain, Neck and back pain, Neurological pain such as sciatica, pins and needles, joint pain including hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Stress related tension and headaches, postural related tension and pain, restricted mobility, occupational injuries, sports injuries and post operative rehabilitation.
The difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath, is that Chiropractors are primarily focused on the spine, were Osteopaths concentrate on the body as a whole.
 Osteopathic medicine isn’t medicine in itself, we use manual techniques and teach the patient to rehabilitate themselves.
Absolutely, through assessment, treatment, and aftercare plans. 
Yes, through assessment, treatment, and aftercare programmes we can help you understand and heal from back pain
Osteopaths are not doctors. Osteopaths are regulated Allied Healthcare Practitioners who are trained specifically in Osteopathy.

We ask that you wear clothing that allows the clinician to have access to the area that is being assessed/treated. We suggest:

  • Hip Down – Loose fitting shorts that allow full range of movement.
  • Shoulders/Arms – Sleeveless tops that allow full range of movement.
  • Back – Loose fitting t-shirt that can be pulled up to access area or a crop top if comfortable.

Please note that if you don’t wear clothing that allows full range of movement – the assessment and treatment may be altered due to this. 

Yes, through assessment, treatment, and aftercare programmes we can help treat sports related injuries and help you get back to form


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What Our Customers say

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Julia Keys
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Luis Adrian
“Tortor suspendisse tincidunt accumsan platea pellentesque hac.”
Maria Anna

The service is caring and patient centred and good value. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone requiring treatment or advice for their physical well being and injury recovery.

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Scott Wallman

I saw Tom and very quickly booked a second appointment! He is professional and very knowledgeable. I am confident he can resolve my issues.

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Ian Fraser

I had a good experience with Paul Donnelly at Reflex. He was very professional and put me at my ease. for an initial consultation and first visit I felt they could really help me out straight away

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Dan Marsden

Fantastic service, great suggestions for pain relief and terrific follow up with my GP. Josh is a real credit to Reflex 18

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Matthew Young

Josh has been excellent, extremely accommodating and his advice and guidance has allowed me to get back to football as quick as possible. I will continue to use reflex18.

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Jack Welsh

Friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff made me feel relaxed and in good hands from my first session. Spacious gym and treatment rooms help to reach your goals and aid your recovery.

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Al Martin

Friendly and professional service. Recommend using them

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Peter Lucas

I didn't know a great deal about injury prevention or recovery but Josh has been really informative and helped me massively in understanding what I can do to prevent injury in the future. Highly recommend!

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Michael Smith