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1 in 8 working age people report having a musculoskeletal disorder, 23% of all working days lost were attributed to musculoskeletal pain in 2013 and 33% of long term sickness is attributed to musculoskeletal disorders.

With rising numbers of musculoskeletal disorders in the work force, and an aging working population, looking after your employees musculoskeletal health is more important now than ever, both for your employees and your business.

Long boring talks from physiotherapists and other clinicians on the ‘correct way to sit’ and the ‘correct way to lift’ seem ineffective, and also boring to sit through.

It would be strange to have these types or interventions within a sports team to try to help prevent injuries, and so we think it’s strange to apply it to your workforce.

What is a musculoskeletal disorder?

These are issues that arise from muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Knee pain and back pain are the most common musculoskeletal reasons to be off work.

So what’s the alternative?

Simply, do what a sports team does to identify potential issues and address them on an individual basis.

Technological advances allow us to quickly and accurately assess key movements of your staff members and provide them (and you) with bespoke advice to help reduce the risk of injury in the same way that would happen in elite sport.


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