Matt Moliver



Matt Moliver


Hi, I’m Matt, a Physiotherapist who finds great enjoyment in helping people return to their desired activity levels and achieve their goals.

I qualified in 2015 from the University of Essex, and further finished a Masters in Advanced MSK Assessment and Practice in 2023. I remain passionate about using evidence to keep my practice progressing.

I also work in Suffolk as an NHS Clinical Specialist, working with those who have previously not made progress. This role has enabled me to develop more approaches to helping people improve. I also work alongside rheumatology and GP services providing assessments and injection clinics.

My undergraduate in Exercise and Sports Science (BSc) underpins my practice and exercise-based rehabilitation remains a passion. Personally, enjoying sport, exercise and training I understand how difficult it is to have injuries and niggles get in the way.

However, returning to, and surpassing, previous levels is always satisfying and something I take pride in helping people achieve.

Please get in touch if you need some help getting back on track and working towards your goals.


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