Online physiotherapy assessment and advice

You don't have to suffer at home in pain with no help. 

Although clinic is open as usual, it is not appropriate for 'high risk' individuals to be coming to clinic. Therefore, in particular for these high risk people but also for those who are not comfortable leaving the house, we are offering remote video appointments.

Although we cannot place hands on you during these appointments we can:

✅take a thorough history and get an understanding of your symptoms
✅see how you move by asking you to perform movements on camera
✅advise you on appropriate exercises to help with your pain
✅give you specific advice on the pain you are suffering
✅progress your exercises as needed

We appreciate that many people will be feeling a financial pinch at this time too, and so we are offering this service (including the follow up appointments) at just £20.

You will need a device that can access the internet and provide video and audio so that we can see and speak to you.

All you have to do is send us a message, call us on 01206 616989 or book via this link:

Ask a Physio