Gait analysis and custom orthotics in Colchester

Are you looking for an accurate and reliable way of finding the support you need from a shoe? Are you fed up of people 'eyeballing it' and making recommendations that don't work? Have you been looking for a full biomechanical assessment of your lower limbs to help avoid injury?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you have come to the right place!!!!

We are excited and privileged to be able to bring the RS Footscan to Colchester to help improve foot comfort and reduce pain. This incredible pressure plate is the most accurate of its kind and is used by Nike to design trainers and elite athletes such as Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe.

You can book you 60 minute assessment online here and we will be happy to fully assess your gait and provide you with a report of all our findings.

Runners Insoles Paula Radcliffe

At Reflex-18 we perform a full assessment, tailored to your needs, followed by a scan of the feet while you are standing still and either walking or running. This gives us instant data and graphical representations so that we can talk you through exactly how your foot moves and what this means to your risk of injury. If necessary, we can then design your orthotics based on the information we have collected.

This design is sent to Belgium to the podiatrists at Phits who check the design and then produce a 3d printed orthotic for whatever shoe you want to use it in. Within 2 weeks, you will return to the clinic to have the insole fitted and then you are good to go!

These truly are a remarkable product and can solve many of the issues faced with other orthotics. We often see that one foot is different to the other - meaning that if buying trainers what works on one foot may not work on the other, and when getting insoles you would need something different in each shoe.

We have also found that when looking at a foot either while you are still or moving is not always accurate. The foot scan will show movements and patterns that are not identified through video analysis or simply looking.

Finally, it's really hard to find insoles that fit into things such as cycling shoes, football boots and skiing boots - Phits gives a solution to this, so send us a message to discuss how the Footscan and Phits orthotics can help you.

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